Superior Results That Save Time and Money

We provide a full range of services that protect and improve industrial infrastructures through honest and value driven approach during all phases the project. Our clients in different industries have improved their bottom line through increased reliability and extended equipment longevity after using our services.

Your Future

Pottsco Industrial Services will help your company’s bottom line by reducing equipment downtime, increasing reliability, and extending longevity.


We provide clients with honest and value driven approach to solving their needs on every project.

Our company

Originally founded in 1995 specializing in the sod laying business, the company grew and expanded its services in the area of industrial painting and blasting business. In 2014 the company changed its name to Pottsco Industrial Services and today offers a complete line of Industrial Services.

We offer a wide variety of solutions to address the specific requirements of any project. Whether it is on site or at a remote location, Pottsco Industrial Services has the experience, mobility and state of the art equipment to ensure your industrial equipment will deliver high performance with reduced downtime.